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Build LLM-powered apps in minutes

Build LLM-powered apps in minutes
Build LLM-powered apps in minutes

The open-source developer platform to build multimodal AI apps around LLMs and AI agents that can see, talk, listen, learn, and take actions

Made for the AI era
A platform you can rely on to take your application to the future
Safe out of the box
Encryption, LLM output validation with full type-safety, and errors recovery
Built for the web
Full edge compatibility with real-time streaming
Built-in support for vision and images based on the LLM you're using
Voice chat
Agents can speak in real-time powering interactive voice chat with users
    inputs: {
        message: "Schedule a call..",
    hooks: {
        onToken: (token) => {...},
        onToolCall: (call) => {...},
Scoopika is yours
Scoopika is flexible, open-source, and built to give you full control to build anything
Smart AI assistants that impress users
Make your application AI-accessible today and join the AI revolution
Powerful & Efficient
Scoopika works on your servers and with your LLMs, providing all its features without adding any extra latency or costs.
Reactive interactions
Build interactive real-time AI features and let agents perform actions based on contextual clues with both text and voice interactions.
TTFB with knowledge & voice
LLM TTFT + ~300ms
Create an agent and try it in the platform playground in under a minute
with support for text, images, and voice.
Start now for free
Enjoy our free-forever plan and only upgrade for extra features, start now!
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